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Girl buys stolen car and gets car stolen back by original owner

So I got linked this last night. Some dumb broad traded her integra for a CRX with no pink slips involved and brought her new car to a honda meet. The real owner spotted his car there and tried to drive it off. Girl goes crazy.

the irony.



"So here is the story my friend nattalie traded her 4 door DA for this DOHC ZC swaped CRX we walk up and see this kid trying to drive off in her car so we were like wtf is going on i jumped infront of the car and yelled stop the ****ing car because we thought it was being stolen. Then everyone started circling around once she started screaming, we were trying to get him out of the car and in that process he got hit a couple of times. After the cops came and got us into the main office to sort this out because the kid was saying it was his car and he had registration for it. The kid went to trade the car to this dude and he had his mom sign the back of the title when he went to trade and the kid let the guy take it for a test drive and he never came back. Then the guy traded the car to Nattalie. The car was in her parents name also but the kid still had the title and the spare key so he went to honda tech to try and hunt his car down. But it wasnt,the car wasnt in the thefts possession so he calls the cops to make sure its legal to take the car and the cop said yes. So he went ahead and thats when we walked up. The kid just wants his DOHC ZC back so we are gonna swap the motors for her for his D16Y7. This whole situation was MAJORLY messed up. F*** THIEVES!"

"My friend was actually the traffic officer that had to drive it away from the scene, he said it got impounded. sucks for what happened to the guy, it was just a big ball of confusion lol i heard like 11 diff stories until i spoke to my buddy. "

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