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Originally Posted by jpsum View Post
Never knew about the category and fees thing. thanks.
eBay's going to hell. They just started charging a percent on shipping charges (free before) and paypal is now holding all funds for 21 days before you have full access to them (or at least they told me it was all accounts, could be just mine since I find every conceivable way to dodge their charges ).

International phone sale: 8-10% final value fee, 3-4% shipping, 4% paypal fee.

In addition, they removed all listings of converted white iphone 4s as soon as they were listed (before they were available from apple). Even if the listing stated explicitly that parts were removed and replaced with others. Also there's a restriction to something like 2 iPhones at once or 2 per week, something ridiculous. Apple has eBay by the balls.