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Originally Posted by yakev724 View Post
money on the side...haven't been selling them since december though, will likely pick it back up in a few weeks when I have the time.

For the photos, when you open your listing, go into 'revise listing' at the top to edit it. Now, in your item description, you'll see 2 tabs, one text and one HTML. Click on the HTML one, scroll down, then copy and paste HTML code from photobucket or whatever you use and the photos will show up (click back on the text tab to preview).

Other tips are: if potential buyers contact you, you can offer them a discount if they pay directly through paypal, though this might not work with your feedback. Also, if someone is interested in buying it (will often become apparent after a few back and forth messages), you can edit the category of listing of the item and save some money as eBay charges different final value fees based on category. Cell phones/electronics yield the highest charge I think. Sometimes eBay finds out and charges the difference, but this has only happened once for me.
Never knew about the category and fees thing. thanks.