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When I was a student there was no such thing as an online course. The closest thing to it would have been independent study, or perhaps a correspondence course. I did several indepent study courses for credit. Never did a correspondence course. As a working class guy, I have taken many brief online training classes. They have never been anything like the instructor led or the independent study I have done. So, I can't say that I have learned much from online courses.

My kid is in Junior High School. They don't take online classes there. The petition being circulated is about whether a couple online courses a year should or not be required in high school. Whatever the outcome, it will affect my kid in high school.

At what grade does instruction in the schools usually begin to teach how to succeed in online classes? Or if they never do that, at what grade level do other states either offer or require online classes in the public schools?

It looks like we will have this petition on the ballot in the near future as the signature drive may already have enough support.

I have an opinion on the subject, but it is uncertain as I don't have enough information.