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Online education

Is it possible for students to learn from online courses?

I heard from an online instructor that they cannot. This was an alarming revelation.

Had this woman been a total stranger with no way to identify her with real people, I might have thought she was one of the petioners who were hired from out of state to come here and gather signatures. I didn't recognize her, but my wife did. She was the mother of a close friend to my daughter. So once my wife identified her for me, I knew this woman was not just a hired hack.

She said that her online students write in LOL, OMG, and other text messaging script on their class papers. She said that these students are failing miserably in their online courses. Thus far they seem to only be able to learn with an instructon in the room with them.

What is the solution to this problem?

BTW: Between my wife and I, one of us signed the petition. The other did not.