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Originally Posted by aarwilli View Post
Squats: Full body
Deads: Full body
Pull ups: most of upper body
Bench: most of upper body

Also there is some stuff I've read that pushing until failure isn't necessarily optimal... Tim Ferris did some studies and found better results were obtained doing a smaller prescribed amount of work than all the way to dead because of the toll it takes and the extension of recovery time that failure introduces. Just a thought... Now knowing what that Rx'd load is is the hard part
Those movements all are for a foundation building, they will give you a good base. OP is asking about his biceps specifically, these will not do it. I could post a typical arm day for me and you might think its too much, but it works for me. I change it when it stops working, Everyone is diff. I think that we can agree though that without direct stimulation(curls and shit like that), his bi's will not grow as much/fast as they could.
When I do an set of something I go into it already thinking of how its going to feel, as in if I'm doing a pull up i will squeeze my back/lats and stretch them on the bottom. Sure you use a lot of supporting muscles in a movement, but if i relied on them to get a workout indirectly then I'd never grow...

You are right on the failure part...i have read that also, but after a certain point i plateau and need it. Recovery is not an issue with supplementation (but thats a whole diff topic on a whole diff board,lol),I train pretty hard...when i leave the gym i feel like i was just jumped by like 15 cholos with baseball bats! sets of 455lbs deads / good in 2 days.