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Originally Posted by BMW86 View Post
How's the beast running Anthony? Have you taken it out for another run?
Hey Vin, had a few teething issues with it so far. Basically finding out where all the weak points are with all that power!! Had the diff re built after the first outing with all drexler internals and also changed the ratio to suit aussie tracks better. I took it out in mid March after that and other things were changed and on the third session out on the track it did a big end bearing which obviously meant that our day was done. Luckily we had the track to ourselves so the embarrassment was kept to a minimum. Was the engine was taken out of the car and the engine striped, we found that oil starvation to the first bank of cylinders had occurred and the bearing was stuffed and the crank had absorbed some serious heat. Unfortunately some shavings off the bearing had also scored one the the bores thanks to the fact that is has an alusil block. The crank and the block are now down in Melbourne. The block is getting bored out and the crank is being tested for damage. When this is done some oversized pistons will be ordered along with some much stronger internals. I am also looking at getting a brand new S62 race engine built in the states so I have a spare up my sleeve. When the current engine is fixed it will be off to get dyno'd and retuned as we will be able to up the horsepower with the changed internals. 600hp is not out of the question.

I would say that in about a month it will be ready for it's next track session.

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