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I hear you.

Except I want to get married before 30 cause I want to have my kid before I'm 30... this is all assuming I become where I want to be financially.

If I cannot provide for my wife and kids as well as myself with my expensive hobbies... then I don't feel I'm ready to have kids.
We'll see.. when I was 19 I proposed..and was 'in love' etc... yeah that didn't work out... completely changed the way I view women as well..long story
Yea, I know what you mean. I saw one of your previous posts saying how you wanted to be the sole provider of the family and how you wanted your wife to do whatever you want (wasn't sure if you were serious about that lol).

Also, you and your long stories... but you never end up telling us. You like to leave us hanging, huh?

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What's IR tint ?

[quote=persian54;9576848Why no Bfest? [/QUOTE]

I have 2 finals on Monday so I need to study this weekend. I'm going to go to the meet on Sunday so I can't afford to go to Bimmerfest on Saturday.