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Advice: Taking Legal Action

I purchased an item through someone last November via a paypal transaction with the expectation that I would receive it within 2-3 months since that was the normal expected wait time. I purchased items from this person before with out issue, but the 2nd time they failed to come through. This wasn't via ebay or online dealing. Just a person through an acquaintance. I've communicated via phone and email numerous time and seller wants to refund my money, however they keep asking for more time more time more time. I'm through waiting.

I'm curious what legal options you may recommend. I have lawyer services through my firm which are usually free of charge, but I would have to double check on the types of services they provide "free". Right now I'm out $516.00. If it were a couple hundred I wouldn't make a big deal, but $500 is a sizable amount.

What I have:
  • I have the recorded paypal transaction where I sent the funds for the item
  • I have multiple emails discussing the transaction and the inability to get the product
  • I have emails saying how he will refund me the money when he has it.

What would you do? I'm located in NJ, he's located in FL. Advice?

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