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Originally Posted by GT3 Tim View Post
The engine is designed to be driven hard. The DME will retard the engine if it detonates (poor fuel).

If it shot a rod (which is appears to have done from all the oil), it appears to be a rod bearing failure. The only other realistic things that I think could have happened would be low oil level/pressure (oil pump failure?), overheating (causing a piston to seize), or a mis-shift (exceeding the max rpm). The DME would reveal all of these conditions as it "records" the last xx seconds of operation. I would THINK if they did not warranty the engine 100%, they would have some reason behind it. If it happened to me, I would make damn sure they had proof if was my fault and not a mechanical break-down of some sort (oil pump failure, rod bearing failure, etc.).

If they were making ME pay 50% of a $20k+ Engine -- I would want to see MAJOR PROOF of my mishap.

OP -- what did BMW show you, that made you say: "OK I'll pay the 50% of the engine, since I did fk it up"??????????