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Originally Posted by z00m View Post
They said-maybe he misshifted,or the oil level was low,or....
As I can surely say - both is false. What i can say that we have damn cold winters, a lot of cold starts, also pushed the car(engine is made for that), but servise always on time... And one more thing - we have low quality fuel in Lithuania. 98(93us) is like 91 in terms of quality. There is a story - F612 fuel injectors went bad (some of them) after 400km of break in becouse of fuel as ferrari claimed( i know the car)

So, maybe in worst conditions engine just lasted 95k km's
maybe if i was not the one to drive the car why it's made for,it could last another 95
The engine is designed to be driven hard. The DME will retard the engine if it detonates (poor fuel).

If it shot a rod (which is appears to have done from all the oil), it appears to be a rod bearing failure. The only other realistic things that I think could have happened would be low oil level/pressure (oil pump failure?), overheating (causing a piston to seize), or a mis-shift (exceeding the max rpm). The DME would reveal all of these conditions as it "records" the last xx seconds of operation. I would THINK if they did not warranty the engine 100%, they would have some reason behind it. If it happened to me, I would make damn sure they had proof if was my fault and not a mechanical break-down of some sort (oil pump failure, rod bearing failure, etc.).
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