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i did the chicken and brown rice diet to go from 12-13% bodyfat to 8-9% body fat in about 3 months. went from a 33.5" waist to a 31.0" waist.

in the morning though i would have 2 eggs cooked in olive oil a protein shake with creatine, then for lunch and dinner would have chicken breasts with brown rice, and sometimes added vegetables and peanut butter throughout the day.
to spice it up sometimes i would add a little soy sauce (sodium made me hold a little more water though), or some cheese, which would up my fat and protein a little so not bad.
going from 190 to 165 i did lose some muscle mass/strength (but wanted to do a powerlifting comp in the 165lb class)
my lifts went from
squat 500 - 468
bench 430 - 363
deadlift 570 - 568
so not to bad i suppose.