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Originally Posted by E90///M3` View Post
you're naturally skinny from what i can see so you may be a hard gainer... you definitely need to find out your resting metabolic rate. it basically determines the amount of calories your body burns while laying in bed blinking and breathing all day. that's all. once you determine your RMR you can adjust the amount of calories you intake and combine it with your workout... If you eat MORE CALORIES then you burn on daily basis then, NATURALLY, you'll gain weight. that's the easy part.

here's the hard part: selecting the right foods to intake and trying to eat the amount you need to gain. Example: let's say your RMR is 2000. So you burn 2000 calories blinking and laying in bed. With your workout and just staying active throughout the day you're probably burning around 2700-3200 calories per day... you'd need to intake AT LEAST 3500-4000 calories per day.

when i was CUTTING weight... my RMR was 2800, i ate every 2.5-3 hours but i still kept my calories UNDER 2000/day. so WITHOUT working out i was already burning around 800-1000cal per day... add my workout which was a minimum of 400cal jogging, 800cal jumping rope and 800cal weightlifting... I was burning everything i would put in my body lol. way overboard! friends thought i had cancer or something cause i lost so much weight in a 6-month period.

i have a list of good foods and "bad" foods you should and shouldn't eat... If you're really trying to gain lean muscle mass then you've gotta start counting calories AND amount of protein your intaking per day. you should be eating anywhere from 1-1.5g x your body weight. so if you weight 150 lbs you'll be eating around 150-225g of protein along with other foods (carbs/healthy fats). if you want a personal trainer: i can help set that up also... i don't know if you've heard of J-Scratch from Q1047... he recently started training a few people i know. If I wasn't going to school, i'd offer to train you haha
how would i find out my RMR? im guessing its pretty daum high, but as far as being a hard gainer i dont think i am i just have never really tried until now to gain weight soo we'll see.

as far as protein goes im taking 3 or 2 shakes as of yesterday. should i be taking a daily vita too? soo basically just eat as much food as possible. do you have that list of food or some how give it to me?

thanks btw