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Originally Posted by gthal View Post
I installed mine tonight... ouch! Install was more difficult than I expected not because of a poor design but because of how HARD it was to actually be able to get your fingers in the VERY small install location. My knuckles are bloody on both hands... no joke. Took about an hour and a pint of blood

However, the results are SOOO worth it!! These are BEAUTIFUL and the bloody knuckles somehow seem less relevant now. They are much brighter than the OEM rings and very white. Quality is excellent. I am so happy. I just hope I don't have to change these again

Couple of comments... it is ESSENTIAL to note the proper location of the tabs from the stock bulbs coming out. If you don't do this you will be there for hours fiddling. Even if you do, it is very tricky to line up. Also, because the working area is so small, it is hard to hold the black anodized end of the bulb at the right angle to get it into the tab slots, I found trying to angle it upwards a bit actually helped. What would be very useful would be an install tool of some sort so you could hold the unit with something other than your fingers.

Note to Marc@LUX... if you come out with a V4, maybe you could design a handle on the black anodized end? The OEM bulb has an L shaped end. If you could build this into the black anodized end somehow, it would make install WAY easier. Just an idea.

Regardless of the install pain (thanks BMW for making the opening too small ) I am so happy I have these and it was very much worth the bloody knuckles, sweaty forehead and time required. A+ Lux.

Admit it, it took you two hours didnt it!...

When i see these types of posts, I automatically double the install time stated...I will do the same thing, I will divide actual install time by 2 with the goal of not looking retarded.