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Hello from the opposite side of earth. You'll find most of the Chemical Guy's line is very generic in nature: they're popular for making fair priced chemicals that can be purchased in gallons. Some of their products have been made to get away from that an appeal better to enthusiasts: some of their new bottling and products like high dollar waxes are being marketed because of growing demand and interest in detailing from enthusiasts and the incredible mark-up that can be earned on some of these products.

What's "the best" is a matter of opinion. I find products like Chemical Guy's Citrus Wash the best product for stripping safely and effectively. I truly don't think there's a better maintenance shampoo than Dodo Juice's top two: Supernatural Shampoo and Born to be Mild.
Regardless of what you're looking for, you'll likely find a pretty good version made by Chemical Guys.