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Originally Posted by erm324 View Post
yeah and once they pass 60mph the M3 stops them...

...also, the AWD advantage can be negated with a nice set of tires on the M3

Don't get me wrong, I'm not hating on the M3. The S4 has a pretty under-rated motor. M3's dyno somewhere around 320-350 at the wheels. S4 will dyno around 280-310 awhp. The S4, being super charged, is pretty tunable. Buy it for $50,000ish and a $1,500 tune and it putting 350-360whp or so. Tune the M3 and get +10whp. Stock for stock I hear you, but the combination of AWD and and low-end torque and the S4 will have 2+ car lengths to about 120mph. After that the M3 runs it down, but who cares about 0-150mph. In the real world the S4 is a pretty cool car. Better mpg and much, much better interior. I originally ordered a B8 S4, but Audi was having serious production issues (9 month build time). Loaded Audi was still $8,000 less than my stripped M3. I do agree the M3 is a better car, but don't be so quick to discount Audis.