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Hey man, good luck with the rehab and congrats on the first steps. I had a similar injury to my right leg 10 years ago (injured playing hockey) and spent 4 months on crutches and at least twice as long working to walk without a limp. It feels like you'll never get there, but keep working hard at physio and it will pay off. I am back to playing hockey in the winter and baseball in the summer. I won't lie to you and say the leg (ankle) is 100%, compared to where it was pre-break, but I can do the athletic things I love to do, at a reasonably high level for my age. Below is a picture of my leg x-ray, post-surgery. Tibia was destroyed and put back together with a plate and 10 screws, malleolus was snapped off and re-attached to the tibia with 2 screws and the fibula was broken just below the knee and left to heal on its own. 18 months later I had all the hardware removed. Good luck with the long road ahead and keep your chin up because you will get back to your normal life with a little hard work. All the best.