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Originally Posted by Definitive View Post
I think Im the only one here that can say, Adam, you should give her one. Seems shes a keeper. Likes cars, likes kids, likes you. What else do you need.

There that much ass in the Nard, huh?

damn i took a power nap and missed a whole page and a half of posting! Jamie, thanks for being the only positive one about the whole gf thing haha. Youre probably the only one who knows our relationship well enough to make a good call on that one.

Originally Posted by theriz View Post

and no, not just the nard. SB, CAM, VENT, SIMI...
oxnard has too many *cough cough*.

but yeah there are mad people in oxnard, Oxnard High had 3800 kids. lol
As for Robert there is a lot of tail in SB for sure out here I would say anything good is hard to come by, especially in the Nard. Since I work in a place where a lot of people our age shop I see a good amount of whats out there. I personally would not want to get near any of that ghetto booty haha. I dont think I have seen one cute girl walk into my store since Ive worked there which has been since the beginning of this year basically.

Originally Posted by Definitive View Post
If I knew what a churrascaria was I may say different! lol

Ad hoc meet at my house, if you know how to get there! HAHA
alright! See you and Jason there