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That's what I heard

But the screen (even if it's shrunken down) I'm assuming is still larger than the DS Lite right?

Watch, I buy the 3DS in 30 minutes and end up listing it on Craigslist for more than I bought it for :X
No, it's the same.

Don't sell it! It's a great system (it'll be really nice once the update comes out), but we just need to wait for all of the 3D games to roll out. I think Zelda is coming out this month or maybe next month? I'm definitely going to get it.

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If I knew what a churrascaria was I may say different! lol

Ad hoc meet at my house, if you know how to get there! HAHA
Brazilian steakhouse

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lol it had nothing to do with it. just to catch someone's attention. anything you recommend there? yeah it's in beverly hills. bday dinner on sat after bimmerfest.
Well, it's an all you can eat place so you can have whatever you want. The salad bar is very, very good, BUT DON'T SPEND TOO MUCH TIME THERE. It's easy to fill up at the salad bar, but then you'll have no room for the meat lol.

As for the meat, make sure to get as much Picanha as you can. It's wonderful.