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Originally Posted by shift@red View Post
My point is that this is THE LAST of the Mezger engine...similar to the last of the air cooled these will hold a special place in history and in Porsche's history since they wont be used in Porsche's road cars anymore. Since they are offering them first to the people buying the 918 Spyder, most will going to people who already have GT3s or GT3 RS' and will be collector cars. I know of someone who just bought a 918 Spyder, a GT2 RS and RS 4.0 from my local dealership back at home in NJ and the RS 4.0 is going to be strictly a collector.
You hit the nail on the head.

How others feel about the S65 and s85 being the last NA engines is similar to how others feel about this being porsche's last Mezger engine. It's an end of an era, and this car will hold onto its value (after the initial depreciation of course).