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My roomie recently got ripped off for Coachella Wristbands (VIP Concert Tickets) worth $2k and they caught the guy. He has to testify next week.
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update us on what happens next week, if you don't mind. your friend got lucky even catching him.
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Yeah will do, thinks he picked him out of a photo line up. Dumbass used a fake name but a phone attached to his real name! Once my roomie got the subpoena he looked up the name online and found a myspace DJ page for the dude. Roomie says it's def him.
Didn't have to testify as the guy took a plea bargain. Looks like he will be on Probation until 2015, he had to go do a picture line up for the accomplice today.
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Simply put, i dont want to end up on youtube because i like to deep throat a popsicle.