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OMG people just because its NISSAN?.... so you think you have a 60-70k BMW now its a different story? so your BMW M3 is Better Brand? I hate it when people say nissan shouldnt be 90k cause its nissan.

some people cannot afford to buy Ferrari or Lambo but they are able to buy the closest car which is the GTR without breaking the bank.

i see comments like why buy that should be 40 thousand dollars car cause its nissan. OH FAWK GROW UP IT TAKES A LOT TO MAKE THE CAR TO BE IN THE CATEGORY WITH THE EXOTICS WITH 1/4 THE PRICE OF THE EXOTICS.

I guess some people are close minded when it comes to brand. (whoring brand doesnt make you a baller)

If i can afford the GTR with maintenance cost i will no doubt take the GTR.

I bought the M3 cause of performance compare to C63, Audi RS and ISF. (which are all in the same price range and what i can afford)

GTR best value for the BUCK....

oh sorry just a rant.

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