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Originally Posted by Kurohouou View Post
To me the M3 and GTR are two different cars in two different categories. M3 is more of a touring sports car while the GTR is an actual sports car. Not to mention the huge price difference. If money were not an option I think you would see a lot more GTR's being sold though. But its just to expensive.. But you get what you pay for, it will beat the M3 in every track type category. But honestly a car that starts at $55k vs one at $90k. That's a huge difference. You should be comparing the GTR to a 911 IMO if you have that kind of money. Don't get me wrong the M3 is a great car, but i'd take the GTR if money were not an option.
What?! where r u from? the price of a gtr and a m3 is really most 20k off depending on what packages you get. My m3 is almost fully loaded and i got it for 100k my friend got his gtr for 115k...and im from canada