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Originally Posted by adc View Post

Relative to what?
Well, we're talking about cars that are still going to cost approximately $100,000 - that's a lot of money, keeping things in perspective to 99% of the rest of the world which would never dream of spending so much money on a car. But relative to their original prices of pushing $200k it's low.

Originally Posted by shift@red View Post
That will not be the case for this car. With only 146 or 148 coming here, these will likely be bubble cars and will be the last of the Mezger engine. They will command high premiums new (likely 50-75K over MSRP) and will def be quite a collectors car for the most part. Same as the GT2 RS.
These cars will be FIRST available to anyone purchasing a 918 Spyder, so you can be sure a lot of them will end up a collecor's cars.
I doubt this. They might command a premium for a while and then they'll come down. There are so many hi-po 911 variants out there to choose from. And the bottom line is that it's about to be replaced by a newer generation car that will inevitably be faster. The demand will move on to that, and these will come down in price. If you can buy a Ferrari Scuderia for $175k these days then you're going to be able to buy a GT3 RS 4.0 for $130k in a few years. 99% of modern cars aren't investments.

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