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if your still recovering I wouldn't recommend a diet like that though..

nothing wrong with eating red meats (natural creatine)
if your going to eat rice, go with brown/whole grain (white = bleached)

in sum - eat whatever you want, just watch your portions that's all - try to stay under 600 calories/meal, complex carbs before bed time and you'll be fine with just cardio

just a idea of my "diet" right now
personally i eat 2-3 meals a day (noon, 6pm - sometimes around 3 [moderate - complex proteins/carbs])
2-3 snacks a day (4 oz servings of peanuts/almonds)
2 apples, 2 oranges, and a banana/grapes somewhere around the day [simple carbs]
pre-workout (30g hydro whey +5g creatine, cup of green tea, sometimes a bag of oatmeal [simple carbs/protein])
during working (oj+5g creatine [simple carbs])
post workout (30g hydro whey, 24g casein whey, 24g whey, 5g creatine [simple/moderate proteins])

my meals include sandwiches, chili, steak, pork chops, bbq chicken with either whole grain spaghetti/rice...i do at least 1 serving of veggies a day too - i know my daily calorie intake is over 2500-sometimes in the 3k range; oh yea i splurge once a week on "bad" foods such as buffalo wings and such (like 3 servings/16 wings or so + fries)

works out great for me, not much limiting on foods + i'm not a fatty either - 5'8 150...i workout almost everyday though, cardio every other day(typically only 12-15 mins, on rare occasions i do 20 mins) + abs/4 days...following this plan i dropped down 3 inches on my waist while growing muscle at the same time (no weight gain/loss, but saw gains and losses in size at targetted areas)

edit: i cook most of my meals though so less sodium + preservatives/junk