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Originally Posted by N8dawg View Post
I wanna see some threads that your mentioning because I've never seen an m3 owner say any of that about a gt3

I'm not sure if I understand what you are trying to ask or implying, but my original post was about m3 owners who are jealous of porsche owners. Please reread my previous post using that point of view and I believe it will clear up some miscommunication. Here are some threads that clearly show how many bmw owners have major delusions of grandeur. Stories of how other drivers are green with envy, coworkers and families jealous of bmws and 328i's are rampant. The funniest thing I have read is about the porsche prick joke. Many bmw enthusiasts have convinced themselves that the joke was originally meant for them. Some people will do these mental gymnastics and twist anything to make themselves feel superior.

After reading those threads, one thing that still resonates with me is when someone said if you are buying a car to impress other people, then the person you are most impressing is yourself, not other people. I thought that it was very inciteful as most people truly don't care about what you are driving.

I also like the response to a 328i driver: If a bmw is a status symbol in where you live, then move.

I love bmws, but its obvious many of these responses have been colored green with porsche envy and insecurity. Again, why be jealous? bmws are great cars. Porsche just does it better, which is okay.