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Originally Posted by shift@red View Post
the 1M got spanked by the Cayman R in both wet and dry (on worse tires mind you) and the RS3 also beat it in both wet and dry testing.

Not sure if you saw the test, posted in. the General section
Saying that when it starts to rain, driving in the RS3 allows the driver to easily pull away (because its an easy car to drive fast) is hardly saying that the RS3 beats it in the wet and dry...
No track testing or acceleration tests were done by in the review.
The 0-60 times for both cars given in the review were the manufacturer's claims.
Not to mention at the end of the day the 1M easily wins the comparison by being the better drivers car.

Read much?

I understand some of you need to make up for having small cocks, but this is ridiculous.
The M3 is one of the best cars I've ever driven, and it for sure on my list of must-own-in-my-lifetime cars along with the GT3; but theres no need to take anything away from the 1M.
Afraid you're going to get overtaken by one at your local track or the local mountain twisties?

In it's price range, there's really nothing that is as fast and good to drive.
Just like in the M3's price range, there's really nothing that is as fast and good to drive.
(as even the cayman R is more expensive than a M3 where I'm from)

We're all car enthusiasts here; tons of torque, same diff, same brakes... on a lighter car
How is it so hard for some of you guys to understand that in some situations (small tight tracks) it would be possible for the 1M to pull ahead?