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Originally Posted by STALKER View Post
Have you contacted Performance Shock Inc?
When I contacted Ohlins USA a while back about the R&T kit, they told me to contact Performance Shock.
No - but I think ridzhao has -- since he was looking into it.
Im not really going to pursue this -- as I am focusing on another project and will not be tracking the e90 anymore. But I would still LOVE to see you guys get the 4-way kit on the e9xm3 chassis -- cause it should be second only to the Sachs Motorsport 5-Ways.
The Ohlins 2-Way Clubsport Kit would be ideal for Hardcore Track "junkies" and I think would yield better performance (lap times) then the KW CS or Moton MS 2-Ways.

In the world of motorsport shocks: Ohlins, Penske, Sachs are at the top of the food chain -- why not try their lower product line into our cars, no?