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Originally Posted by 737Drvr View Post
I smell what your cooking. When it is someone else's car, you tend to worry more about its treatment and what can go wrong. The exception I can think of to this are the cars you use during a driving school such as Bondurant, the Audi experience, etc. While you don't want to wreck one of these, the schools help and encourage you to push both yourself and the car. The classes are pricey but a fun way to experience the potential of these cars. They offer a ZR1 course out at Bondurant. That I think would be fun. In the realm of Vette's, the Z06 does seem to be the sweet spot.
I just got back from the Ron Fellows Performance Driving School at Spring Mountain. I posted that before and I know exactly what your saying. That being said I STILL think the Z06 is the sweet spot.

I was able to mash the accelerator when everyone else in the ZR1 (about 12 to 3 ratio) had to baby it because of the back end coming around. I would not say I was a better driver but I did indeed pass quite a few ZR1's on our hot laps. It was awesome.

That being said the instructors really emphasized the Grand Sport over anything. They wanted us all to be smoother and less power hungry. Knowing that I was indeed not going to be top dog in the class I think I focused more on my lines and was therefore able to surpass some of the others even in their ZR1's (some people were just not very good though so I may be giving myself credit).

Anyway the Z06 is an awesome superb car and I would be drooling over one with the carbon ceramics. Those are insane. So stable. So powerful. So smooth

I will make my pitch for spring mountain though. They had 11 (yes that is 7,018 hp) 638 hp corvettes lined up in a row for their ZR1 students. Rumor has it Bondurant has only 2-3.

Honestly the best 3 days I have ever had.