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I suggest reading the manual in detail if you haven't done so alredy as that is pretty much the only legal document that addresses this issue--not that I am a lawyer or anything. I don't think that the relationship between BMW CCA and BMW NA is relavant unless BMW NA explicitely states that participating in BMW CCA events does not void the warranty, which they have not done to the best of my knowledge. BMW CCA also organizes club races. That would void the warranty, so the BMW association does not guarantee anything.

A few interesting points regaring the manual (relying on my memory here, so correct me if I am wrong):

1. Competition voids warranty.

2. They recommend high temperature pads for track driving.

3. They use some kind of soft language around expected service life for parts and state that parts will not be replaced if they wear out a prematurely. I don't remember the exact language, but that is more or less the point, which means they can refuse to service the car if they think it has been used in a manner which is way out of some kind of norm. All very subjective langauge, which is open to interpretation.

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