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Originally Posted by mastek View Post
I saw the prices on 2 different European websites. I'll try to find them and post links later.
The prices and specs were specifically for a front set TTX46 and a rear set, so i think its shocks only, but having GC or any other competent BMW suspension tuner put a kit around these should not be too difficult or expensive.
The 4-way kit is also sold through BMW Motorports for the e90 320si WTCC chassis... but i think thats with a real coilover in the rear and a different front suspension config (different pickup points).

The 4-way and the CS (2-way) shocks both list on Ohlins website with part numbers under BMW e90.
Im sure if someone (you) picked up the Club Sport shocks for the e90 and sent it to Ground Control to make a kit ... this would be "the" track kit to have. I know i would.
My e90m3 race car project is no more. But at one point, we were talking to Penske about their 3-way shocks (model 7650 i think) and the price was VERY reasonable compared to others ($900 per shock).
And I think AE performance put the Ohlins Club Sports on Paul Walker's e92m3 ... so this has def been done.
Have you contacted Performance Shock Inc?
When I contacted Ohlins USA a while back about the R&T kit, they told me to contact Performance Shock.

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