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Originally Posted by AwesomeBMW2 View Post
I have a few journalist friends that have driven them who've said nothing about twitchiness. Chris Harris, who is a writer and professional racer, said it was damn near perfect and better than the M3.
That's not the impression I got seeing the video. I could be wrong of course.

Originally Posted by MVF4Rrider View Post
Agree. I'm sure there's no twitchiness. Twitchiness where? Under hard braking? The car has great high speed aerodynamics. Rarely on this forum is any credit given to anything else. It's laughable. Shows massive insecurities among this tribe. Ultimately unless you have first hand knowledge of something, you're just attempting to discredit. It's OK if you still prefer your M3!
You guys need to read the 1M vs. RS3 review in CAR. It's not full of unequivocal praise as some have heaped on it.

I opened up the magazine and jumped straight to the feature, eager to see the 1M completely humiliate the Audi.

But it apparently was wet at least during some part of the test, and they said the 1M was twitchy and could not put the power down - that in fact they were surprised at how much quicker the RS3 was in real world driving. From personal experience the M3 positively shines in the wet, so this does give me a little cause for concern.

At this stage without any of us having actually driven the car or directly compared it to an M3 (or other cars in a similar performance category), we're left with (sometimes contradictory) second hand accounts. Then there's the launch strategy with demonstrators available to dealers, question marks about engine reliability etc. I don't even want to address styling, that's so personal.

Not all the people on this forum are fanboys, insecure or whatever else you're trying paint them. Some of us are just a bit skeptical, on the healthy side of it. Nothing wrong with that, right?

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