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Originally Posted by gun6slinger9 View Post
My condolences to the family. However I find it odd that you cant provide a link, or even an image of the front page of the local newspaper. Even in a larger city, a rollover causing death would make it onto the first two pages unless Osama was just assasinated on that day. Until something along those lines is posted it would just be your word (tainted by a world of scammers) against the barriers that everyone in this day and age has built up to combat scams.

I wish I could man. I realize today there are alot of scam artist out there and as I am far from that I see where people assume the worst. I can assure you I looked and there is nothing at all posted anywhere. Ill post the obituary as soon as it is released and hopefully that will put alot of this hoopla to rest. Thank you for your condolences much appreciated!