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Originally Posted by KGB7 View Post
Trucks have 4 tires, not 2. And the two lines should be parallel to each other at all times, no matter in which direction the vehicle is traveling. Even if it was on 2 wheels at some point, the two tire marks should be parallel to each other at all times as well, NOT V shaped.

I call BS on this unitl some one proves me wrong.

Wow you sure you took geometry in school. Have you mastered the laws of physics cause its quite possible to have only 2 marks and in the shaoe they were going. If the truck was facing forward at the time it started sliding around then the tires would be one in front of the other then when it started to spin it would naturally spread the distance of the marks the tires would be leaving.

Prove it you say simple take 2 pens tape them together and start to draw a line with pens stationed one in front of the other. Now start to rotate them and tell me what you come up with???? Pretty sure it will be a "V" shape