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scammmm, call the bank of america right away and check your acct for any purchases you did not make. Also i would change all your passwords to your bank accounts and any other important accts. A bank will not call you to tell you that you are late on a payment they could careless. They want to collect the interest. That type of information they can have someone working with in bank that can get that information. They can have a friend at a bank of america bank. They potentially have access to that type of information of what they knew right away.

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So this morning I got a call from an unknown number and the person on the phone said they were from bank of america in regards of my credit card. My card was overdue by a few days, she knew how much I owed, last 4 of card and the limit/total owed. I then made the payment online while talking to her and she said it would be best to cancel the transaction and do it over the phone so it goes in this day. I said ok make it happen, she then asked for my routing number (which is where I really got concerned), I asked if shes from BOA why does she need it from me. She put me on hold saying she would have to look it up came back and asked if I was ready to complete it. I told her I had to get off the phone bc I was at work could I get a call back number, and she was trying really hard to not let me get off the phone and wouldn't give me a call back number...

A bunch of things threw up red flags, but how did she know all my CC info?


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