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No doubt the fun of taking a very responsive high revving V8 to its limits is grin inducing in its own right. I myself prefer the high revving engines of M5, M6 and M3. But the cost of such indulgence is too severe in daily driving with gas mileage near 14 mpg city with the stop and go feature.

The way it comes out right now is 1.3K in red line in exchange for additional 6 mpg. I think with ever increasing gas prices at this point the cost of modding and owning an M3 is very steep compared to the 1M.

To some it makes no difference but to majority it does. If 1M was offered with the DCT it would have even appealed to greater public here in NA. Because it would have been more family friendly as many wife's refuse to touch 6-spd.

Regardless, if you have a well full of money dug up in your back yard M3

If that is not the case then 1M

It is different strokes for different folks.

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So true. But with that said, I had a software-tuned 135i and I much prefer the power delivery of the M3. Different strokes for different folks. Look at how Porsche sells the 911 Turbo and GT3 RS. I doubt people who really know what they want in a car cross shop those two cars. Most of the M3 guys would much rather own the GT3RS over the 911 Turbo.
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