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Originally Posted by yemenmocha View Post
Wow, the penis envy... ahem I mean Porsche envy is strong in this thread. If cannot afford one, must hate... must hate... Who could have guessed this about M3 owners?
i 100% get what you mean. many people here are so jealous of p car owners. so much to the point that they convince themselves that the prick joke is about bmw owners and not p car owners (whats the difference between a porcupine and a porsche? not bmw) they convince themselves that their neighbors and coworkers are all jealous of them. delusions of grandeur plagues the forums (not everyone, but a lot of people).

why cant people realize that both m cars and p cars can be great without putting one down over the other?

why take offense yemen? its actually very very funny and provides a lot of good laughs for me, my friends, and my family. id never walk up to a to someone with a porsche, lambo or ferarri and say a bmw is a status symbol. i couldnt take myself seriously and there is no way they would take me seriously.