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You guys may appreciate the assistance of a clamp.

I have a few of these, myself:

For this application, you'll want to duct tape a piece of rubber - like an eraser - to the pads to get a more narrow 'pincher' (for lack of knowing the proper word =D).

Might also want to wrap the metal tips of the bar with duct tape just in case you slip up.

Just be careful -- these things can apply 150lbs of pressure all the way down to splitting the plastic. But, with proper friction, it holds the 'pinch' while your fingers can more freely wiggle and tug.

I've only tested this for a little bit; my plan is to refinish all the chrome on my e90 M3 this weekend to a black or very dark gray. My car is space gray... black is great, but I like to be a tad bit different.