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My wife fell in love with an A6

I live in Germany and had to take my family to the airport so, I decided to rent a car. I could have gotten a new 3 series to rent but, I didn't want to cheat on my baby before it gets here. Anyway I rented an Audi A6 quatro. I must say it is an excellent car. It's quick on the autobaun with its' twin turbo engine. Cruising at 220kph (about 150mph). The only way I knew how fast I was going was by looking at the speedo. My wife fell in love with it and now she wants to get one for herself. She liked all the features on it. I told her just wait till I get my 3. Then maybe she'll change her mind, but for now it's dead set. I must admit that it's a nice car and if she get's it I won't be afraid to be seen in it. Just thought I'd share.