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Originally Posted by E90///M3` View Post
so when is the pool party at your place?
Haha, I haven't even been in my pool in the last 2 years. It seems that our past few summers have been pretty mild so the pool never gets warm enough.

I wish it was heated.

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I have some neighbors that are not "dog people". They are constantly complaining about my boxers (now only 1 ) who is actually very well behaved, its a pain in the ass. The funny thing is that we bought our house several months before they did, and it was in a brand new community where they had the choice of several different houses of the exact same model yet they chose next to us knowing ahead of time that we had a dog run on the side that would border their yard. You would think if it bothered them that much maybe they would have picked another one. But our other neighbors are really cool.
That's pretty annoying. Most people in my area have dogs so nobody has to worry about complaints.

By the way, I recently found out that, legally, dog owners need to have a license to own a dog and there is a monthly (or is it annually?) fee. I was so surprised when I heard that.

As an aside, I saw some pics of your FD in another thread. I love it!