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S:300 D: 425 Bench: 230

Height 6"
Weight 190
Ratio: 5.02

Bench has always sucked due to very long arms which make the ROM enormous on bench but which help with leverage on deads. I don't think the large amount of pitching as a kid, swimming as a kids, and tennis into my 30s did my shoulders a lot of good either, so this isn't a lift I focus on anyway. I rarely flat bench, and if so, it's for grins and only a few reps. Instead I do a lot of weighted push ups (easier on the shoulders) and things like corner press (one end of BB in a corner, 45s on the other end, press from below weight towards corner). I do like to row however, and can row more than I can bench by a good amount.

I've never liked squats all that much (not comfortable powerlifting or bodybuilding style) so I do a lot of unilaternal work like Bulgarian Squats and single leg squats, single leg leg presses, and some sprint work on my bike.

My goals right now revolve around mobility and consistency in training. Finding time to lift can be challenging given work and life responsibilities, so getting there 3x a week is a goal (I used to train 4-5 x week). I'm also working on mobility more than strength as now that I've hit late 40s flexibility have become much harder to maintain than strength. Plus I can do mobility work at work or here and there, just take focus and will. I flexibility issues in the shoulders in particular, so a lot of work goes in there to keep a good ROM.

Other than it's the internets, I don't know why some of you are so quick to dismiss Caddyshack. Like he can't remember 30 years ago? Give me a break...I can remember how much I benched at 21 clearly, my dad who is 90 can give me details on how many bushels of wheat the harvest was year to year from age 9 and up. Important facts are easy to remember, and anyone who keeps logs, and was serious about training, is going to be able to recall their PRs with ease.