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If you don't like American actions overseas or on our homeland, (if your respective country allows it) then hate us!

We watch people burn our flags every-single-day. Beyond feeling sorry for lives lost for it's defense, we don't care.

Do we really, REALLYYYY care if the United Kingdom's population dislikes us for our actions against Arab ass holes? Seriously?

No, forreal. Did you think this thread would drum up anti-American support or something? Just because your country doesn't have the money or military might to do what we do doesn't mean you wouldn't. For the love of God, you're the nation who addicted the Chinese to opium to retrieve your legally traded silver socially enslaved tens of millions of Indian textile workers under EEIC military control.

We kill two Arabs with a drone and you came to a BMW forum to hate on us? If your country suffered three thousand lives lost without warning (and you had the military wherewithall + funding) you'd certainly "murder" everyone you believed associated with the bastards who did it.

I, for one, cannot wait for my nation's foreign wars to end. But, I will say this. If you think you can strike at me and keep running, you are very wrong. I'm HONORED that my nation has the BALLS to bitchslap these idiots around to teach other would-be terrorists to back the f**k off.

I serve my nation as an officer in the armed services. I would not hesitate to pull my M9's trigger against the temple of a self-professed America hater and killer. Why would I hesitate to pull a drone's trigger and blast two Arabs??

Hey, we can;t all be ultra liberal and humanitarian!! If you could step back a hundred years and ask your British ancestors they'd have said the same thing. I'm afraid your continent has lost their clout since then. Terribly pitty, really.