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Originally Posted by Tondtar View Post
Once upon a time, a Prince asked a beautiful Princess, "Will you marry me?"

The Princess said, "NO!"

And the Prince was heart broken for like 5 minutes but then....

Lived happily ever after
and rode motorcycles
and fucked skinny big titted broads
and hunted
and raced fast cars
and went to naked/ titty bars and blew his money tippin' every girl
and dated women half his age
and ate all the pussies he could get
and ass fucked cheerleaders
and drank whiskey, beer and Captain Morgan
and never heard bitching
and never heard a headache comaplint
and never paid child support or alimony
and kept his house and guns
and never got cheated on while he was at work
and all his friends and family thought he was fuckin' cool as hell
and had tons of money in the bank
and left the toilet seat up .....

Yeah, he finally died a lonely man but had the biggest smile on his face when he closed his eyes forever.

**The end**
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