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Yup, and the 3.6DI version is lucky to run with a 328 wagon or 528 in the 1/4 mile, while getting worse mileage and handling worse. I'll take a little inside wheelspin, or buy an Audi, before a regular CTS. The V is obviously an awesome line of cars but the regular CTS? Also-ran rental fleet material. Just because it's better than it used to be doesn't mean it's competitive with other cars on the market. Just like the Cruze, people are buying them here because they're American. That's a great reason to buy, but it doesn't really speak to how good it is as a car. An American-made car seems to only need to be about 85% as good as a foreign rival to sell well these days, which is a good thing because it seems like in the '90's they were selling when they were 50% as good. More demanding consumers these days...

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