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I did the 09+ LCI taillight upgrade on my car awhile back, but soon after I started getting some error messages. At first, these errors included no turn signal operation and no reverse lights so after some local advise, I took the car into the dealer to get re-programmed to see if that would work.

Unfortunately it didn't. Strangely enough, the turn signals worked fine now, but that problem was replaced with the rear fog lights being stuck on (as seen in the photo above). After mulling over what I should do next, I began reading up on some of the issues on the board. I spoke to Evan at Tischer about the problem and he advised that I may need an updated FRM 3 module. After I ordered it, I made an appointment at the dealer to get the car re-programmed later that week. The part arrived promptly and early in the morning (as all the parts I've ordered from Tischer have reputably arrived) on the day of my appointment.

Before popping in the FRM3, the dealer decided to try their hand at re-programming, however, the car's DME ended up crashing for some reason (horrible luck here). Later that night they were able to get everything working...except the taillight issue.

Instead of popping in the FRM3, however, I spoke to Aleks from Alekshop about another solution he made aware to me - re-pinning the connections on the taillights. I spoke to him further over PM and over the phone to get a grip on what I needed to do and found the thread of another member on E90post who had done the same. Suffice it to say, the remedy worked like a charm and now I have fully operational LCI taillights for once.

That being said, I just wanted to extend a thank you to Evan at Tischer and Aleks from Alekshop for their support in resolving this issue! It's great to have sponsors and vendors on the board who are equally willing to troubleshoot problems instead of simply move parts to customers. Definitely recommend either for OEM parts, multimedia needs or support in the future!
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