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Were talking about 401k, you're talking about day trading.

Originally Posted by hajduk View Post
Nothing. Stocks are over inflated and the market will tank again. There are smarter places to put your money, mutual funds and stocks aint the place for me.
Such as? Perma-bears like you appear to be (sorry if I mis-judged you) missed out on 100% gains from the bottom. Sure, I was down along the way, but I never took those losses. I bought more and more and more until I had stocks, ETFs, and mutual at such ridiculously low levels, I was rewarded for my patience. And I'm not genius stock picker...few are. People that think the market will crash again are just ignoring facts. Companies are making money, beating estimates, and raising guidance. Banks are recovering more slowly and housing hasn't bounced yet, but things ARE better than 2-3 years ago. Perma-bears do this while they are trampled by the bulls. We were too high 350 points ago in the S