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Originally Posted by .:bHd:. View Post
if you're talking to a brick wall then there really comes a time when you just give up. At this point what ever I say will get shut down because the person on the other end doesn't want to hear a different story than they already know. Much like the American public.

Osama bin Laden was "living out in open sight" says the LA Times. He was not even holding a gun when they gunned him down. It is basic training for a freaking security guard to not shoot someone that doesn't have a gun. And these highly trained operatives shot him twice in the head? Then got rid of the body before the news was even announced? How does that not raise any suspicion is beyond me but hey if the President says its true then it must be true! When has a president ever lied to his people??
I've given this very thing quite a bit of thought and I think Obama and his advisors made the right decision. Actually having him dead or alive (especially alive) would have been very dangerous. Dead and buried at sea was best.

You could put his body on display in the Capitol Rotunda and there would still be folks that would say it wasn't him.