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Originally Posted by Vanity View Post
Oh, from your perfume collection I imagine you're a female? So this is shopping for your boyfriend's birthday?

When shopping for someone's new scent you should, if you're his gf, pick one that you want to smell on him yourself (don't care if he loves it, he'll love that you love smelling him haha). If you're just his friend then get together with 2-3 other friends of his and pick out a scent that you think would suit him. Warning: Some perfumes make guys smell like instant douchebags. He might not like that first impression
shopping for a good old friend's bd present

thing is i'm a really practical person, would like to pick something that the birthday person would actually use , i'd hate to see the present just sits there collecting dust. so i'm just looking around for some ideas ~

if i picked something that makes him smell like a douchebag, that would make me a douchebag as well lol.....