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Originally Posted by M3Fool View Post
Rather take the M3???? Are you sick? Looks wise, performance wise and speed wise a ZO6 DOMINATES.

OP... that is one of the baddest Z06's O have ever seen.... congrats.

Now bring it to Germany so you can enjoy it!!!!
Performancewise, yes, but the M3 and Z06 are two very different types of cars. Z06 is a pure sports car, M3 is a luxury-performance car.

Looks are subjective. From some angles, the Vette looks hot as hell, from others, I think it looks dumpy. Have never been a fan of the "bubble-back" rear window. In terms of the interior, while the materials in the Vette have improved, the layout and design are still not "clean".

I still can't get over the stereotype of the fat, gold chain wearing, cigarette-in-hand, strip club owner image of a Vette owner. Let's face, it, the Vette is an amazing performance machine, but the image of the Corvette owner has a lot to be desired.

Bottom line, if pure track performance is really all you care about, the Z06 Vette will give you what you are after, as will a GTR. If you want other things from your car, including subjective qualities that are not easily quantified, that's were a car like the M3 excels. And honestly, in the world I live in, if I showed up in a Vette, I would likely be laughed at. That's really not what I want when I spend that much money on a car. Not making a value judgement here, it's just the reality of it.
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