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Originally Posted by kpari09 View Post
The m3 is one of the most highly praised car by automotive journalists the world over. It was voted winner of a c&d comparison between a 911 turbo and Nissan gtr. Why? Because it's the better all around car and subjective performer. It may not run around a track as fast as either car but it feels better driving it around a track. The bmw feels like it was built with time and effort and money.

Of course the M3 is a nice car but so is a vette(the point you're failing to grasp). And Clarkson is a stooge. And the M3 is not a superior car to GTR or 911 (Carrera S and up). And the C and D comparisons you're referring to was one of the dumbest comparisons of all time. They said an M3 was a better performance car than a 911 Turbo. That's a freakin joke.

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